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Condition give the effect of having multiple wait-sets per object? ... One way to solve it is to have one lock that protects the queue, and two independent waiting sets: one for producers, waiting for slot to place item in the queue, other for consumers waiting for items to take.

nix: proxmox: Waiting for quorum... Timed-out waiting … Timed-out waiting for cluster. При попытке запустить кластер может быть ошибка (при service cman restart) Starting cluster: Checking if cluster has been disabled at boot... Tomcat - User - Interrupted while waiting for a free … Interrupted while waiting for a free slot in the AsyncAppender LogEvent- queue. Application uses log4j2 for generation of trace file (configuration is attached). During application execution I see... Work with BlockingQueue in Java | Pupli put() – inserts the specified element into a queue, waiting for a free slot if necessary.poll(long timeout, TimeUnit unit) – retrieves and removes the head of the queue, waiting up to the specified wait time if necessary for an element to become available. How to fix GNS3 Errors Connecting to Server -…

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Waiting for queue before logging in - Forums No announcement yet. Waiting for queue before logging in.Same here, I was already playing and was kicked out, then got a 20min queue, waited and it didnt let me in, this is absurd, my time is valuable and making me wait is a tremendous disrespect I wont ever spend another dime on this game.

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Intelligent System for Virtual Waiting Line,Queue Management Queue Mobile’s innovative technology combines the power and affordability of the internet and speed of SMS Queuing System messaging to create a virtual waiting line. Queue Mobile for the best Queue Management Systems, Virtual Queuing, Customer Flow Management, SMS Queuing System, Virtual Waiting Line, Hospital pagers and Patient pagers. Do BrE speakers ever 'wait in queue'? Or 'wait in a queue ... Native British English speaker here, you wouldn't use 'waiting in queue'. If someone asked you where your sister was, and she was waiting in line, you could use either of the following: noun: She is waiting in the/a queue. verb: She is queueing to get a ticket. As you can see, queue can be used as a verb or a noun. UNIT 2 QUEUING THEORY - Business Management Courses

news on TV at various stations along the queue, casinos snake night club queues through slot machine areas. 2. Use the customer as a resource Ex. Patient filling out medical history form while waiting for physician 3. Making the customer’s wait co mfortable and distracting their attention

May 11, 2018 ... Why is my job waiting in the queue. From CRC Wiki ... cannot run in PE "mpi-8"/" mpi-12" etc because it offers only 0 slots. If you perform a qstat ...